10 Summer Sports

Each and every sport has its own significance. We got to know that there are many in which we can reduce our calories and weight. We should play some sport regularly so that we can burn some calories and make our body fit.

There are many sports that reduce calories and make the body in shape:

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is physically and mentally sport. It is a climber’s strength, endurance and balance along with the mental control. It is a danger technique and usage of specialized climbing equipment is crucial. In this sport we have to use our muscle, arms and legs to pull you up and take strength and mental control. Brain is use to place your hands and feet that your muscle can do the job. Rock climbing is a little like skydiving. Both rocks climbing and skydiving have an element of danger. Six hundred forty seven calories are burned.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is net game that played on a level of court. The main difference in this is played in sand court. This is the game in which physical and mental strength is necessary. Player should be attentive to see from where the smash is coming. It is automatically making your workout even more intense, as it’s just plain hard to move in the soft stuff. Working in plyometric will help with the explosive power you need to get those mad jumps up at the net. It burns 470 calories.


Perfect for all fitness levels, hiking is a great date idea or family-friendly activity. It is the best activity for fitness. Walking is the best exercise to burn calories. It burns three hundred and fifty calories. Trekking is the exciting thing with the family. It is about walking on hills and carrying al the things required like clothes, food, and shelter with you as move along a trail. A person who can run 05 Kms without any problems and who does not suffer from any ailments may have no difficult in trekking.

Water polo

The water polo is known as called water rugby. It used to play in rivers and lakes. There are many things in water polo and each variant have its own rules and regulation. This game needs enough strength and leg power to move in the water. A Water Polo ball can speed up to 60 miles per hour. A 30 second shot clock is used by the timekeeper just to keep the game going. It burns five hundred and ninety calories at a time.


Tennis is a sport played discreetly against a single opponent or between doubles. Each player uses a racket. Tennis is a one of an Olympic games. It uses it legs, butt, shoulders, back, arms, and core. It uses maximum strength of the person. It is an excellent sport to reduce calories. If you play tennis regularly, you can burn three hundred and sixty calories.


Soccer is the game played by many people. Most of the people are crazy about soccer. I would let you know, it burns four hundred and fifteen calories at a time. If you a biggest fan of soccer but not able to play because of excess fat, so start playing it. It is a game in which you can burn maximum calories. It takes maximum strength through your legs, butt and core.


In Golf works on main muscle of the body and it provides bonus workout of the brain. Golf is a club and a ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit the ball into the series of holes in few strokes. For this brains should work faster so that they can think about the strokes within the given time period. It burns two hundred and sixty five calories.


Swimming is the best exercise to reduce fat or burn calories. In this game, full body use to move in the water. It burns three hundred and sixty calories. In this Arms, chest, shoulders, legs, and core. If you’re really looking for summer sports that don’t make you feel like you’re working out, swimming is the ultimate winner.

Basket Ball

Basket Ball is one of the world largest viewed sports. This sport considers muscle strength and running. It burns four hundred and fifteen calories. In this sport we used shoot the basket in which running with the ball is main thing that comes out. This game played with full concentration and energy.


Kayaking is cool way to sight see the vacation relaxing way to burn calorie. You can set your own paddle pace. If you maintain a quick clip, you’ll definitely feel your back straightening, abs tightening, and arms burn. It strengths your arms, shoulder, back and core. In this, you can burn two hundred and ninety five calories. If you want an extra challenge, hit an area that has waves for you to navigate.