Safety is a big concern these days with rising crimes and other possible risk factors. As a result, security systems are also evolving with new. They all add to the security making it more efficient and trustworthy. One such innovation that has a great effect on security systems is medical alarm for emergencies. Medical alarms have such benefits that it has now become indispensable to security systems. Here are a few of the many situations when you can count on them.

1. Medical Emergencies

It’s not a new thing to say that a medical alarm system can be a life saver during medical emergencies that are life threatening. People suffering from cardiac problems, respiratory disorders like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) etc., epilepsy, serious allergies, should always have an easy and dependable access to call for help during acute emergency situations. Such medical conditions need immediate attention as they can be fatal. A wireless panic button for medical alarm, worn as a pendant or bracelet is extremely handy in alerting the authorities at the earliest.

2. Alzheimer’s Patients

People suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease always need supervision. As often the case, the patients tend to wander to unknown places and that can be highly dangerous. Besides providing company and supervising them, it’s always convenient to take extra steps to ensure their safety. GPS enabled alarm systems are a custom made security device for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients. If they happen to reach somewhere unknown, their location can be tracked with the GPS, isn’t that the need of the hour? We all know the answer.

3. Falls

Falling is frequent and unintentional but that doesn’t stop it from being dangerous. Kids, elderly and differently abled are more prone to falling. And then there are steps, slippery floor like in the bathroom, unorganized furniture and other stuff in every house. Falls can be severe sometimes; one can get hit on the head and become unconsciousness. If not attended immediately it can get critical and, in such situations, the medical alarm can positively change the future effects. The presence of the device on a person’s own body makes it accessible and workable.

4. Fire

Practically, getting to the phone and calling may not be possible during fire but pressing a button is. The contact center facility will get in contact with fire department to inform the situation. Fires are not that common but if it breaks out, it’s going to destroy everything and even cause loss of life. Immediate action can prevent the destruction to a large extent and even save lives.

5. Break Ins

Another very dangerous situation when a medical alarm can initiate the process of rescue. Unlike fires, break ins are common with increasing rate of crimes like burglary and theft. Most intruders are armed or carry harmful items like knife, rods and they try to hurt you when caught. In such a critical situation, even moving is risky, let alone calling the police. What should you do? Be prepared with a quick and easy medium like medical alarm, panic button to tackle such situations smartly. This simple step can notify authorities, just the high-sounding alarm can also scare off the intruder.

If you’re aware of the benefits of a security system, there is a high chance that you have it installed already. And that’s one of the best decisions you’ve taken so kudos! Complement your right decision with another by getting a panic button to get the overall security. Better be prepared and tackle the situation rather than regretting later.


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