5 Herbs That Will Improve Your Health Naturally

When you think of health and fitness, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is exercise and healthy eating. However, there is much more though to health than these preliminary steps. There are several ways to improve your physical and mental health with the use of herbs that supplement your natural processes of digestion, brain capacity, energy, and much more.

Adding a few of these nutrient-rich herbs to your diet is a great way to supplement healthy eating and exercise, and they do wonders for your body. Here are 5 herbs that sustain long-term bodily and mental health.

  • Sage

Those who practice spiritual cleansing might know sage as the element utilized to rid a space of harmful or negative energy. It is also, however, a powerful herb that can assist individuals in improving their brain’s memory function.

Ingesting sage can help in both the short term and the long term to prevent or lessen some effects of mild Alzheimer’s or other conditions that are associated heavily with memory loss. It does this by hindering acetylcholine from breaking down in the brain. Acetylcholine is a brain chemical that becomes depleted in conjunction with Alzheimer’s disease.

With the use of sage as an acetylcholine breakdown inhibitor, memory function can improve exponentially over time and in the short term.

  • Haritaki

From the terminalia chebula tree comes the widely utilized herb, Haritaki. This substance has been used by many as an alternative medicine that helps to naturally supplement blood oxygen levels. Those with illnesses related to low blood oxygen levels have found widespread relief with the use of Haritaki.

This herb has traditional and spiritual purposes. As well, it is used as both a Hindu and a Buddhist healing herb. In the Buddhist ideology, Haritaki is applied to almost every ailment and illness as a method of finding healing, relief, and higher consciousness.

  • Peppermint

Unlike sage and Haritaki, this herb isn’t just for spiritual or nutritional purposes. Peppermint is commonly used as a flavoring element in chocolate, coffee, and other beverages and desserts. In addition to its flavor though, it has been consistently utilized as a weapon against nausea and stomach pain.

This is an herb that when ingested can provide almost immediate relief. Its health properties include pain management in the bowels and intestines, as well as bloating reduction and soothing of nausea. Many who must deal with the discomfort, pain, and long-term maladies related to stomach-related disorders and illnesses have found peppermint to be a valuable asset in their day-to-day functionality.

  • Ginger

In the vein of nausea treatment, ginger is a great restorative natural medicine that can help with symptoms of chemotherapy and morning sickness. Any ailment accompanied by nausea or pain can be treated with the use of ginger. Like peppermint, it works in the short-term, offering immediate relief from nausea and pain.

In the long term, this herb has performed miracles. Consuming a small amount of ginger each day can assist those with a family history or an inclination toward colon cancer in minimizing the colon inflammation. Ginger can be tasty as an addition to your morning cup of tea!

  • Turmeric

One of Turmeric’s properties that makes it so unique is its anti-inflammatory ability. This herb is incredibly varied, and it can assist in healing and decreasing side effects of illnesses across the board.

These ailments include cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and smaller day-to-day ailments like headaches or sprained ankles. Adding a bit of turmeric to your dishes can improve your health overall. Having dishes that incorporate turmeric, like curry, can help your overall as well as short term health!


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