Summer is a favourite time of the year for a lot of people. You don’t have to be buried deep inside three layers of sweatshirts and shiver all the time. Even if it is not so cold where you live, summertime is a welcome sight. The streaming rays of sunlight, the long days of the afternoon and the excitement of ice-cream, summer brings with it a positive outlook.

Though there are so many nice things about summer, with it also comes the scorching heat and sunlight, itchiness, nausea, irritation and dizziness. For someone who is enthusiastic about workouts and exercise, summertime can kill your enthusiasm. Here are 5 tips for an effective summer workout.


Working out is vital and fun when you do it regularly and properly. Working out in the heat can make it miserable and might make you feel dizzy if you don’t have enough fluids flowing in your body. Staying hydrated is the number one rule while working out, whether or not you’re doing it outside. When you sweat, your body loses the fluids as well as the electrolytes. If you start your workout dehydrated, it is highly likely that you would feel extremely dizzy and can even faint. Increase your intake of water on the days that you workout. The heat is unforgiving and a dehydrated kidney can even lead to death. So make sure you have a bottle of water always handy.


Timing is an important aspect of working out as being hydrated. Most people tend to overlook this point. The heat is the highest during 10am-3pm. Early morning workouts are good as they energize your body for the entire day and you don’t come in contact with the sun. Always remember to use a sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful rays. Your skin without protection might develop some allergies and itches. Check the weather forecast before leaving your house. If there are strong temperatures on the rise, prefer a home work out.

Wear Comfortable

What to wear during a workout is a crucial decision. It is extremely important to wear comfortable and loose clothes. A T-shirt and shorts are the most casual and comfortable dress for a jog or a run. A loosely fitted cloth will help with the air flow. Choose a cotton material cloth that would not heat up your body excessively. Try to wear light coloured clothes during a workout. The light colour reflects the heat and you’re slightly cooler than you would be in an all black t-shirt.

Head Indoor

Some people love the thrill and environment of working outside or in the gym. There are people who cannot handle the sun at this point of the year. A skin allergy from the sun or nausea or itchiness, whatever be the reason, some people cannot step outside for long hours, sweating and working. You don’t have to miss out on the workout because of this reason. There are plenty of indoor exercises and games that would burn your calories. There is also a range of rowing machine that can be installed at your own place. Find detailed reviews and best places to buy them here- Don’t miss your workout, just do it indoors.

Easy on yourself

Shorten your workout by 30 minutes or so when you’re doing it in the heat. Try to do a smarter exercise to lose some extra calories at a lesser time. You may not be able to complete your entire workout schedule in a day, but don’t overstress yourself. Your body might be tired from sweating and heating up. Don’t push your body more than it is used to. Do those exercises that you enjoy and like. Remember that your performance and expectations won’t match to the days when your body does not deal with the heat. Set realistic goals and rest.

It takes a lot of courage to step out in the heat and work out. It might even demotivate you to not exercise. These points make it slightly easier to workout. Make sure you’re following the right diet and drinking plenty of water. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and rest. Have a happy workout!


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