6 Fun Things to Do in Ontario, California
“You know you’re from Ontario when you know there’s more than one Ontario.”

Being in California means soaking up the sun and having a chill life. I’m sure the residents of Southern California will back you up on that one. However, there are many amusing things to do whilst in the city at the east of downtown Los Angeles. So, of course we had to break them down for your sake. Here are six fun things you’ll grasp from this entertainment guide for Ontario, CA!

  1. Get an Organic Version of Olive Garden.

Head on to the Graber Olive House that has been packing olives since 1894. Tour the house and witness how they pack and cure the olives. Not only that, head home with a gift basket that will make a great gift for a loved one. Over time, the house has become a historical site. The best time to visit is probably between October and November when they are packing the olives.

  1. Be A Sport.

If you’re looking for a sporty day out or if you’re in a mood for a concert then the Citizens Business Bank Arena is for you. This arena is a multi-purpose one, hosting local sporting events and concerts that occur. From various indoor sporting activities like Basketball, Ice hockey and boxing to graduation ceremonies, they provide a nice homely experience. (And the great parking is a bonus!)

  1. Treasure N Junk

If you’re looking for a magical jewelry experience then this is the spot for you. Be prepared to be immersed in the world antique goodness. From accessories to artifacts, they have it all. A homely time at Treasure N Junk surrounded by furniture amongst other things that are pleasurable to the eye. One can spend countless hours here indulged in the beauty of ancient items. Whether its boho, rustic or mid-century items, there’s something for everyone here.

  1. Have A Laugh.

If you’re looking for comedic night on the town, you should head on to Comedy Improv, a comedy show venue at Ontario, California. A perfect start for upcoming comedians, the venue provides visitors with a nice time and huge laughs. Not only this, but it also has dining and drinking experiences that you will enjoy. This place takes “dinner and a show” to the next level.

  1. Rock Climb Every day!

If you’re the adventurous kind and are looking for more than the typical tourist experience then joining Beginner’s Rock Climbing Class in Joshua Tree National Park is a nice option. Learn Rock climbing everyday as a class to get the best experience that Ontario has to offer. These classes have received positive reviews from many visitors because of its friendly teachers and environment.

  1. Can’t Forget to Shop.

Ontario Mills is the one-stop shopping outlet for you tourist-needs. It is the biggest one in San Bernardino County, California. Not only that, but with 28 million annual visitors, it is one of the best tourist destinations in Southern California. You can’t miss visiting this as it will solve all your shopping woes while visiting Ontario. So, don’t forget to shop till you drop!

Overall, Ontario is a great city for a fun week whether you’re a tourist or a resident of California. The place holds adventures for all ages and holds historical importance as well. Ontario’s vibrant venues and varied landscapes make it a wonderful tourist destination. After all, California being the Golden State, it’s cities are just as great. If you’re planning on visiting, don’t forget to pack your camera and sunscreen! Have the time of your life, now.