6 Must-Have Men’s Shoes for the Autumn Season

Shoes are an essential part of life. They don’t just help keep your body warm and safe from the elements outdoors, but can also guarantee you stay healthier. How? Because a good pair of shoes will guarantee you do enough walking, ensures your walking posture is good and helps you stay active in all sorts of different ways.

As autumn is coming and throwing its little tricks on us, you need to update your autumn shoe drawers. This will ensure you can stay active and healthy no matter the weather. If you are wondering what type of shoes should be on your list, here are the six must-have men shows for the autumn season.

The sneaker

You will definitely need a good pair of sneakers for the autumn. Sneakers, these days, come in a traditional, sporty look or in high-end finishing that’s almost fit to wear with a suit. It’s not a bad idea to opt for both but you definitely want the traditional pair to ensure you start jogging or walking. When picking the sneaker, avoid choosing a light colour – it’ll just look dirty after a few uses and defeats the purpose of having sneakers.

The running shoe

You should also pick a pair of good running shoes. Running is one of the best forms of exercise out there and a good way of improving your fitness and losing weight. But you must pick your shoes right to make the experience enjoyable. While other shoes on the list can be bought without prior testing, it’s definitely a good idea to go and test different running shoes to find the right fit.

The hiking boot

The hiking boot is a mixture of sneakers and boots. It has more coverage and support of your leg while remaining light enough to wear. The hiking boot will adjust to the terrain and it can withstand wind and rain – if you pick right. If you aren’t that much of a runner, hiking in uneven terrain will help you get fit and stay active. The loafer

If the weather remains rather warm, then you might find hiking boots too warm. You might also want something a little more stylish than the sneaker. A pair of loafers is the solution. They are rather good when it comes to walking but also allow your feet to breath more than boots. A pair of canvas loafers won’t withstand any rain but it’ll, nonetheless, support your feet and ensures good posture when you’re out and about.

The Chelsea Boot

If you need something slightly sleeker, you should consider the Chelsea boot. A good leather pair will look stylish while keeping your toes warm. The Chelsea boot is also good for walking and the sturdy finish ensures you have enough support. You can go with a traditional black or brown but also make it a little different by opting for navy or plum.

The combat boot

Finally, you should opt for proper combat boots if you like to walk in the woods. It’s slightly sturdier to your average hiking boot so perfect for rather damp weather conditions. If you need extra support on your ankles, the combat boot will also do the trick well. Just remember it can be a heavy pair – great for building strength but annoying if you want to be fast.

When buying the autumn shoes

It’s important to remember a few things when you’re buying shoes. The first is that you must properly measure your foot and to preferable do so while wearing the correct socks. For example, you might wear woolly socks with hiking boots while opting for something thinner rest of the time. You also need to remember your feet might swell slightly after rigorous exercise. Therefore, it can sometimes help to pick a size bigger than usual, especially if your current size is tightly fitting. If you don’t quite know what the right size is, consider visiting a proper shoe retailer for tips and help.

It’s also a good idea to consider shopping for shoes online, as this tends to make it more affordable. You can currently find great saving opportunities by clicking the following link: https://www.ozcodes.com.au/store/styletread/. Style Tread has a selection of all the above shoes and plenty of autumn savings to be made. You can find similar deals with plenty of other online retailers and don’t forget to use vouchers to cut the cost of your new shoes.

However, when you are buying shoes online, you need to remember two things. First, always check the specific sizing chart for the retailer to ensure you get the right size. Make sure to also read and to understand the return and exchange policies on the site – this guarantees you can swap your shoes for another size or pair if they are not perfect.

So, make your autumn a little healthier this year by ensuring you stay active. You can do this by picking the above six shoes to your drawer! All these shoes have been made for walking and you’ll have fun doing it!