Being busy in the system of life, people often forget to maintain a healthy and sound lifestyle. They may want to maintain a proper lifestyle but often they don’t have the proper guidelines and help for doing so. The factor of time management is also a point that hinders the effective change in your lifestyle. For the purpose of helping you turn your lifestyle around there has come up a number of health and lifestyle apps. Following the apps will help you to change your daily lifestyle and make you a more sorted and healthy person.

We are always dependent on various apps for our diverse needs and necessities. There is at least one app today for any significant purpose that one can think of. There are some helpful and life-changing apps in the market today. Some help change your diet plan to a healthy diet, some help you to start doing your necessary daily exercises to maintain a fit body, whereas, some even help you manage time so that you don’t lag behind due to the habit of procrastination.

Lifestyle Changing Apps

Being fashionable isn’t the only way you can be confident. Some people follow the fashion trends and know how to carry clothes from popular brands like Superdry India but are not free from their daily work cycle. They need to rehabilitate their daily routine. From changing your food habits to availing the benefits of exercising and a regular routine following, everything is offered by the multiple different lifestyles changing apps in the market. Here are seven of the best necessary lifestyle changing apps for you to have a healthy and proper daily routine.

  1. My Diet Coach –This app is a diet guidance app. It helps more than just losing weight rapidly. The primary focus is to have a healthy body and proper diet plan so that you don’t have problems later on in life. It keeps you motivated and brings healthy lifestyle changes that are meant to last. You are offered with the features of setting your health goals and pushes you to continue on the track even when you lack hope. It sets reminders for you and also keeps a record of your progress which most often motivates the majority of people. You can maintain a diet diary and also save pictures from your first day to the time when you’ve changed your life around.
My Diet Coach

2. 30/30 Timer – This is a beneficial application for people who are often working from home and lose track of time. People who are very work oriented and forget that there is a life beyond that also have varied advantages from this app as it helps them maintain a schedule according to which they can divide the time for work and other activities with their family or themselves. This app helps in time management and hence a big help to people working on deadlines. It facilitates you to organize your daily life in the intervals of 30 minutes. This app can help people suffering from ADHD as well and keep them on track.

30 Timer

3. Pacifica – People with high anxiety or depression issues have a great app at their disposal. ADHD patients can handle their problems much more effectively with this app as it helps you deal with frequent mood changes. People who have high-stress level often tend to be cranky and lose the particular charisma in them. This can also be helped to rehabilitate through the Pacifica app. It keeps track of your daily mood and health situation from time to time. The app helps you reflect yourself and know yourself better through visualization of your thoughts. It prevents you to take the wrong decisions out of the impulse of lousy mood patterns.


4. Human – This is an exercise monitoring app similar to an activity tracker that keeps motivating and pushing you. For people who want to burn a few calories +off their overweight self, have a bright light before them. It is very similar to an activity tracker and tracks the distance you run to casual walking and gives you a detailed account of your workout and the calories you’ve burned.


5. Headspace – This is an app that helps you meditate and keep your cool of mind in place. It is of great help for people with a hectic lifestyle and due to which they have problems in paying attention to work or have a weak memory. It gives you a moment of clarity and peace of mind in your tedious daily lifestyle. It guides you to meditate and provide a step-by-step explanation of how to meditate. Many people find the notion of meditation to be quite attractive but don’t have clarity about the concept of reflection. The Head space app solves this.


6. Sleep Bot – This app is a major necessity for the present teenage generation. They have groggy mornings due to their sleep-deprived situations. Some people even have insomnia or fitful sleep. This app helps you make a routine and keeps you aware that at what time you should sleep and at what time you should wake for proper rest availability. Sleeping less or even more may cause you to be lazy and tired throughout the day. It affects your health in adverse ways. This app prevents you from having unscheduled sleep and keeps your mood fresh daily in the morning.

Sleep Bot

7. Elevate – This app is more preferably for the student in their competitive lifestyle. Some students like to learn more and improve their skills. Some may want to develop their reading and writing skills while others, might want to better their math. This app keeps your performance records and helps you improve. This is like a tutor that helps you in your work out of your school syllabi.


The seven apps mentioned above will help you get a proper lifestyle and keep you healthy. If you’re concerned about having an unhealthy life routine, then here are the apps where you look to turn your life around. These apps are the hub for you to improve yourself as a person who is healthy physically as well as mentally.


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