7 Health Benefits Of Sobriety

Drinking has a plethora of adverse effects on our bodies and our minds. It is for this reason that you want to drinking as little (preferably no) alcohol, as it has too many adverse effects to your health. Now when we say health we aren’t just talking about your physical health but your mental and your emotional health as well.

Although drinking may very well make you numb to life the truth of the matter is that alcohol makes you weak. You may think you are freeing yourself from the pains of life, but you are running away from them.

So in this article, we will go over 7 Health Benefits of Sobriety and What Living in A Sober Living Los Angeles Quarter can be like.

Quitting drinking may very well seem like an insurmountable fat, but the truth of the matter is that it is very attainable and once you realize what you can get after you become sober we are entirely confined you will start pitting down that bottle and start picking up your life. Because at the end of the day life is indeed and a gift.

7 Health Benefits Of Sobriety And What Living In A Sober Living Los Angeles Quarter

Hangover Will Be A Thing Of The Pass

Now, this may not be needed to be said, but I will say it anyway. Not drinking means no nasty hangovers. Alcohol has such a profound impact on your cognitive capacity and your health. Not drinking at the party may make you seem like a weirdo but if you need a bit of drink to get the edge off of you then shouldn’t be at the party in the first place.

Your Body Will Be Taking in Less Toxins

Alcohol has a plethora of harmful toxins that are damaging to your overall health. By not drinking so heavily you will be less exposed to the many toxins that can be found in alcoholic beverages.

Your Skin Will Look Healthier

It is well known that drinking can be devoting to your internal body. Your liver, you’re here, your brain. However, it can also hurt your skin. Oily skin, dry skin, black circles under your eyes are all key features that come from someone who drinks heavily.

Better Sleep

Now, for many, they have this image that drinking will out them to sleep. However, in actuality, alcohol robs you of your REM sleep. Moreover, Your REM sleep is easily the most critical aspect of your sleeping cycle. If you aren’t getting enough hours of REM sleep, you are not only going to wake up grumpy, but you will also shorten your lifespan.

It is well known by now that having less REM sleep shortens your life expectancy. So get your adequate amounts of rest.

You Will Have Higher Energy Levels

This is easily one of the best reasons on this list as it gives all the other ideas for the chance to be experienced. If you ahem more energy you will be much more proactive in life. You will be much more energetic and have more vitality.

It has been shown that exercising has a profound impact on your emotional state and if you are energetic, you will be more likely to hit the gym, go jogging, go swimming and do other activities that will require that you have right enough energy.

Your Diet Will Be Much Better

It has been said that the stomach is the second brain. Moreover, this is because the stomach can affect the way that we think. There are chemicals found in the gut that causes the body to want to eat certain foods. The cravings that we have and that strong urge to eat something is the mind being hijacked by the stomach.

Your Mental Health Will Improve

Reasoning and logic are slowly denigrating in society, and we can blame it on a host of things. However, the most amorist reason being that people don’t have the desire or the urge to educate themselves.

Drinking is a huge reason why so many people’s cognitive abilities and capacity have denigrated. It is proven that drinking denigrates the brain cells. Quitting alcohol will give your mind the much needed them to recover and to build up those brain cells so that you can reason once an again.

Final Thoughts

If you ahem even thinking about quitting drinking then we hope that the reasons we have listed, for your health, will be a good impetus for you to start. Especially the last one. With a clear mind and a more focused mind, you will be that much more determined to stand by your sobriety.


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