7 Tips to Build A Quality Home Gym

Every new year comes with resolutions and goals. Your 2019 resolution was probably to keep fit, and your goal is to complete 2019 with an athletic body. You can accomplish that, and not necessarily by enrolling to gym sessions, but by creating one in your home. You probably never thought about that, but having home gym machines is one the first steps to having an athletic body. Let’s explore these seven tips to build a quality home gym.

  1. Start Small

You are probably tempted to buy a treadmill that your role model or your favorite YouTuber is using. However, that will cost you more.

Why don’t you pick simpler equipment? You can start with a yoga mat, resistance bands, and a kettlebell or a pair of dumbbells.

  • Check Offers on Craigslist

Buying new equipment is really expensive, and there is an alternative unless you love buying new things.

Craigslist is a platform where people sell their used stuffs including gym-equipment at a throw-away price. Owners don’t want to carry all those weights when they relocate to another city while others want to upgrade or sell stuff they aren’t using. Visit the site and find some home gym machines that you can use.

  • Ensure That the Atmosphere is Favorable

The atmosphere of your gym really matters, and it’s the most enjoyable part.

What motivates you to exercise? The photos of legends like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the gym or Oprah Winfrey on a Yoga Mat? What is your favorite theme? You can make your gym attractive to work out.

  • Know the Right Workouts for Your Space

You probably live in a small apartment, and that means the treadmill or cycle will be in an overcrowded space. If you’re living in a studio apartment especially, you will have to create space to do yoga.

When you don’t have enough space, the best thing to do is to pick workouts that demand less space. A space where you can do some pushups, sit-ups, and squats.

  • Create A Social Hour

You love exercising, and I can bet your friends love it too. When you are united, you workout more because people in groups inspire one another. You probably miss the time when all of you would hit the gym together.

Invite them over, and you can use your new space for a social hour. Just remind them that empty hands aren’t welcome.

  • Mirror On The Wall, Here I Come To Work Out!

Yes, get a mirror. Have you ever thought why all gyms have mirrors? It’s because you need to see yourself and tell if you are doing crazy things or not. Exercising wrongly can cause an injury.

Imagine being at home and there is no one to correct you, it could be disastrous. Well, putting a mirror won’t be a substitute for having a personal trainer. You can hire one if you want to. It’s all up to you. But you should always have a full-size mirror in your gym so that you can see yourself exercising.

  • Soften The Ground With Rubber Mats

The moment you decide that you are going to have a gym at home, the first thing you should do before buying the equipment is to make the floor comfortable by adding a soft synthetic floor mat.

Whether you are doing deadlifts or not, the synthetic floor makes the room warmer and comfortable. You can also add some spice to the comfort by bringing in some rubber mats or large yoga mats.


You should always do what makes you happy. If you want to bring a gym to your house, no one should object it. However, you should make your home gym better than the gym in your hood for you to get more motivation. And you really have to workout hard.


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