They say nature is the best health provider out there…

If you think about a healthy lifestyle, what do you think about? You would probably think of a routine that is nature friendly. This is because being outdoors is a health benefit in itself. And, an activity that is both family friendly and nature friendly is camping. Staying among st the beauty of nature is an experience like no other. But camping is not something that is made just for leisure and fun. It actually has many health benefits.

So, let us look at seven such benefits.

  1. Fresh Air Galore

Like we said earlier, there’s nothing like being outdoors. After setting up camp, you can enjoy the fresh air that is in your surroundings. Being there, you might feel emotions that are different but amazing. You will feel a sense of joy. This might be because you are on a holiday, but the naturistic vibe of the place might have something to do with it too. You are exposed to a lot of trees which is such a beneficial experience especially if you’re used to living a city lifestyle. At the campsite, it is like thousand times better than planting a small sapling in your balcony. Imagine being surrounded by such good quality oxygen.

2. Healing Social Relationships

Camping is a great family venture. Being outdoors with your family and friends can be a unique experience altogether. Camping adventures give you the opportunity to social and probably mingle with people you hadn’t earlier. In city or urban scenarios, people are deprived of much social interaction. Although this is sad, it is very true. People are getting used to putting their work first, leaving less time for everything else. Having outdoor trips once in a while takes one away from this antisocial behavior.

3. Work Out

Like we said earlier, camping isn’t a lazy activity. It is something to get you going and have a change of routine. Camping gets you to do things that you probably never imagine yourself doing. One of those things is exercise. Most people don’t have the “time” to develop a daily workout routine. However, camping lets you do that. During your outdoor trip, you will indulge in many nature centric physical activity. You can walk, run, hike and much more! You’ll end up burning much more calories than you will on a regular day at home. Speaking of camps, is the place for all things outdoor adventure related.

4. Get Some Sun

Being inside all the time means that you’re depriving your body of the vitamins that it needs. One such important vitamin is Vitamin D that the sun provides us. Sure, too much exposure could lead to problems, but an average amount of sunlight exposure is vital. Camping gives you the opportunity to spend some time under sunshine. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and is important for our bones and teeth.

5. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

This factor is probably the most important part of our day. However, most of us have got into the habit of staying up late. This is a pretty unhealthy habit as it promotes fatigue. Our body needs at least eight hours of rest every night in order to repair itself. You need to be ready to take on another action-packed day. Outdoor camping gives you just that. You can sleep in for as long as you like. Being on a camping holiday means that you can get all the rest that you missed out on during the week.

6. De-Stress

Stress is probably one of the biggest problems that people have. The pressure put on by our work and the constant expectations to fulfill might be some of the causes of stress. But let’s not get into that. Let is focus on finding a solution to this common issue. Camping allows one to de stress immediately. Just the vibe of being outdoors is enough to get you relaxed and thinking happy thoughts. You are disconnected from any mobile gadgets which makes it all the more better.

7. Setting New Challenges

Camping might not be the most glamourous or leisure-filled activity, but that’s the beauty of it. It lets you set and face several new challenges for yourself. This activity is different and stimulating for various reasons. Especially if you’re someone new to being outdoors, this can be a challenge for you. You will be faced with trying something new and might even get you open to things.


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