N95 face mask

The flare up of the pandemic masks has become an absolute necessity of our lives. Wearing a N95 pollution mask is the one stop relief to avoid any mishap. Masks are available in a wide range and it is not easy to figure out which mask to opt for. In addition, an inadequate mask can put your health in danger. So, here is the buying guideline to help you know everything about N95 masks.

What are N95 masks?

A N95 mask is a multi-layered mask that provides coverage to the nose, mouth, face and helps guard the user by filtering 95% of unsafe particles. It is designed in such a way that it clarifies the air accurately while letting you struggle for breath.

N95 masks filter dirt, contamination, bacteria, pollen, virus and do not filter gasoline, synthetic gas, and chemical vapour. The top option for a N95 mask includes PuraHeal which is –

  • Available in custom sizes and packaging for kids, adults, and family
  • Comfort, convenience, and safety at competitive rates
  • Innovative design makes it comfortable and easy to wear for long hours
  • High-precision manufacturing standards with certifications from DRDO, SITRA, CE, ISO & CLI
  • Sustainable processes and eco-friendly products
  • Incredibly lightweight to decrease wearer fatigue
  • Universal design
  • Available on major shopping portals and marketplace

Consider these before buying a N95 mask:

  • Check with your healthcare provider. If you are a heart patient this is not the right choice for you.
  • If the masks get cracked and breathing becomes difficult it should be replaced
  • It is not suitable for people with beard as it might interfere with the fitting
  • It must be disposed of cautiously.

N95 masks FAQs

What is the cost of N95 mask?

Cost of an N95 mask varies from 199 to 599. It increases if it has certain components added to it like valves. One can also find N95 masks online at discounted prices.

What is benefits of using?

It provides liquid resistance, filtration effectiveness, bacterial filtration efficiency, biodegradability

How long can one use the same mask?

It can be used as long as it is not damaged as a damaged mask can cause health issues.

Where we can buy Original N95 mask?

We suggest use Pura heal N95 mask. Puraheal is a N95 mask manufacturer in Gurgaon. You can get cheap price mask at here with best quality. For order in bulk N95 mask online click here.

If you want single mask Puraheal products also available on Amazon. Click here for order N95 mask.


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