Sex is probably the most delightful and desirable thing in life of every person. However, do all of them really want and strive to have sex? In fact, no. And it’s not weird as well. Asexual humans are normal phenomenon in society despite they cause many questions. We are going to answer the most common of them in our article.

What does asexual mean?

Asexual people, or the sex-free, does not want to have sex with other people. They are mentally and physically healthy but just have no wish to do it. Celibacy and self-restraint before marriage have nothing in common with asexuality. In the first two cases, people do it deliberately to follow some ideological rules, and they often can feel a discomfort and a strong desire to have sex. The asexual people feel OK without intimacy. They don’t feel sexual attraction and could feel pain during sex in the past, so refuse to have it.

You will be shocked, but in fact, the asexuals can feel pleasure and they usually masturbate. They consider this action like a routine and a scheduled way to relax. They do not connect sex or orgasms with emotional pleasure, so when they play with themselves, they don’t imagine any friends or porn stars. By the way, they can feel awkward during they watch adult films with sexy russian brides.

What does it mean to be asexual?

Formally, many doctors classify asexuality as a mental abnormality, but many people consider it a part of their lifestyle. Moreover, some sexually active men and women (prosexuals) think such behavior doesn’t fit in “normal” society. They usually are advised to wait for a true love, change sex positions, get closer to some person to be ready to get pleasure from sex. But it does not work like that. Somehow, due to many psychological factors, these people just are not interested.

The asexuals also are divided into different types depending on their attitude to romantic relationship and physical intimacy. The most widespread type is aromantic asexual. Such people do not want to be in romantic relationships and refuse from anything connecting with them. They focus on personal traits of people, value friendship and profitable cooperation. They use asexual dating sites to find people who share their interests and enter into a relationship without sex and romance.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of romantic asexuals! As a rule, they get into regular relationship and live together, but do not have sex. Some couples enjoy flirting, embracing, caressing, and kissing, but they do it without sexual intercourse. Believe us or not, even prosexual people can enjoy a family life with asexual people. As a result, everyone’s happy.

Why it is important to know about them?

In modern world, a vast majority of couples are convinced that relationships are not possible without sex, or that sex is unacceptable without romantic relationship. For sexually active people, it is normal to think so; they get emotional and physical pleasure from intimacy. However, at some point, the existence of aromantic and asexual personalities can show us how strong we are obsessed with sex and imaginary need to be in relationship.

No matter how weird they seem, these people can find happiness in being friends and partners without sexual attraction. Some sociologists and psychologists think, when we stop praising love and sex like we do now, then we can reconsider the image of lonely people and their place among us. Anyway, it is very easy to be single and happy. Finally, it is not our deal who do other people have sex with and do they actually do it. Maybe soon we will live in a world free of stereotypes.


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