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The environmental pollution didn’t happen on its own. People and their non-eco-friendly products caused it by using nylon, plastic, and other non-degradable materials for products and their packaging. As a result, you can find nylons in the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers, and on the streets, shores, and everywhere around you. And, the saddest thing of all is that these products not only harm the planet but also the animals. There are plenty of animals that get stuck in nylons and die.

Luckily, some eco-conscious people found ways to stop, or at least, slow down the environmental catastrophe. They came up with the idea to replace plastic products, such as a toothbrush with eco-friendly ones made from degradable or recyclable materials, such as a bamboo toothbrush. And while the change will take time until people realize the benefits of these eco-friendly products, we can start by making small changes. One of the easiest changes you can do is replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush. And, here are the reasons why you should do that.

Bamboo Toothbrushes Are Eco-friendly

The first and main reason you should switch from plastic to bamboo toothbrush is that it’s eco-friendly. This is because bamboo toothbrushes are made from a bamboo handle and natural fiber bristles. The bamboo is a natural product that can decompose anywhere between several weeks to less than a year. The bristles, on the other hand, although are not always made of degradable materials, can be recycled. In this way, your toothbrush won’t be another plastic product harming the planet and killing animals.

Plastic toothbrushes, on the other hand, are made from plastic. This material, as already mentioned is non-degradable. Therefore, not only it will take an entire millennium to decompose but it also requires a lot of energy for making plastic products, which is another factor polluting the planet.

Bamboo Is Sustainable

Bamboo is considered as the fastest growing plant on the planet. Therefore, there will always be natural material for making these toothbrushes without the need to destroy nature and some animals’ habitat. Moreover, by growing fast after being harvested, it ensures there’s food for the animals that feed with it, such as pandas.

Plastic toothbrushes, on the contrary, are made from plastic, the main ingredient of which is petroleum. And since petroleum doesn’t replenish itself, more petroleum needs to be found and processed in order to produce plastic. That means more natural resources have to be spent in order to produce plastic products.

Bamboo Is Anti-Microbial

Here’s a really cool property of bamboo. Due to being naturally anti-microbial, bamboo doesn’t need pesticides and herbicides to grow. That means, it’s organically grown and it’s 100% natural and safe to use, which is especially important because part of our toothbrush handle comes into contact with our mouth.

Apart from being safe for use, the anti-microbial properties of bamboo toothbrushes ensure there are no bacteria coming into your mouth. It’s because, as mentioned above, the upper part of your toothbrush handle touches your mouth, teeth, and tongue. So, if there are bacteria stick on it, as it can happen with plastic toothbrushes, it will easily find its way into your mouth. But, since there are no bacteria on these toothbrushes, you can rest assured there are no bacteria jumping into your mouth. Plus, these properties will help get rid of the bacteria found in the food remains between your teeth and on the tongue, thus supporting your oral hygiene.

Bamboo Toothbrushes Are BPA-Free

BPA, or bisphenol-A, is a chemical usually found in hard plastic. When in high doses, it can cause some health problems. In order to prevent that from happening, you should choose a BPA-free toothbrush, such as bamboo toothbrushes. It’s because these toothbrushes don’t emit toxins or harmful chemicals when disposed of, thus preventing environmental pollution.

Although bamboo toothbrushes are usually BPA-free, you should be careful when choosing a toothbrush with nylon bristles. Hence, you not only need to make sure the nylon is BPA-free but also that the nylon used is Nylon-4. This is a petroleum-based plastic that can decompose under certain conditions. In that way, you will reduce your plastic waste in the environment.

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Bamboo Toothbrushes Aren’t Burned

Wait, what? Who would burn their toothbrush? Don’t worry, no one is going to burn their toothbrush. The thing is that plastic toothbrushes are usually burned because they cannot decompose. Plus, they are burned because new fuel has to be produced. And no matter how awful you find this, it happens. And when it does, there’s a horrible smell and smoke that leaves you blind and breathless. Of course, this burning greatly pollutes the environment not only because of the hazardous chemicals it emits but also because it causes acid rain.


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