Beginners with no vaping experience might find it challenging to use their dry herb vaporizer for the first time. For starters, before you begin to vape, ensure that your vaporizer is fully charged. Vaporizers can be used for vaping dry herbs, oils, e-liquids, and concentrates.

Make sure you consult the instruction manual for your vaporizer because each device varies in functionality. Before using your vaporizer, whether it’s a weed pen or something else, you have to understand its components as we will see below.

Vaporizer Components

Here are the key components of most vaporizers you should know about:

Vaporizer Components

Power Supply

Some vaporizers get their power from rechargeable batteries while others can be charged by plugging into an electric socket.

Heating Chamber

Also known as the oven, this is where heat is produced to deliver the vapor for inhalation. The shape, size, and location of the oven vary from one vaporizer to the next.


This is where the vapor is inhaled. The common vaporizer designs have glass or rubber pathways, inflatable bags, or hose-style extensions.

Cleaning Supplies

Vaporizers come with swabs, brushes, and replacement parts to keep them functioning properly.

Temperature Control

Some vaporizer units come with temperature control parts that allow users to adjust the temperature to their preference. They have a button control or dial for adjusting the temperature.

How to Use a Vaporizer as a Beginner

Let us explore how to use the different vaporizers below:

Warm Up the Unit

Turn on your vaporizer to warm it up. This process will take a minute or two, and an indicator light on the device will tell you when the desired temperature is achieved.

Warm Up the Unit

Load the Chamber

If you are using herbs on the vaporizer, ensure that they are finely ground. This will allow heat to penetrate and activate the cannabinoids. Otherwise, you can load the other materials into the chamber and seal it tight.

Adjust the Temperature of the Vaporizer

Some vaporizers are designed with fixed temperature settings. While other devices have custom control buttons for different settings, you can also set your preferred temperature.

Temperatures for most vaporizers range from 360 to 380 degrees, but you can set them below 350 degrees Fahrenheit to get mild and clear effects if you are an inexperienced user. Over 400 degrees Fahrenheit will produce substantial results.

Inhaling the Vapor

After activating the device and warming it up, you can start inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece. You will be able to taste and see the vapor when you exhale. This will mean that your vaporizer is functioning properly. Always pace yourself to get the desired effects.

When vaporizing, the number of cannabinoids you consume will be taking effect in the body as the material decreases from the chamber. The best part is that the materials do not undergo combustion.

For most vaporizers, you start by filling the tank with the material. It will take the coil about 5 to 10 minutes to prime or melt the material. Then you will take small puffs and exhale to feel the flavor or taste. Take minutes between puffs to gauge the effects.

Maintaining Your Vaporizer

To get the most out of your vaporizer, you have to exercise proper care to make it last longer. The tips below are going to help.

  • Clean your vaporizer periodically using isopropyl alcohol
  • as recommended. Keep your vaporizer’s mouthpiece clean at all times. Use a case to store the pen and prevent dirt and dust from getting into the mouthpiece.
  • Make sure the battery is out of the extreme cold or hot temperatures
  • Keep the coil fresh, with spares on hand at all times.
  • For wax or dab pens, avoid overloading them to prevent clogging or leaking.

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Using vaporizers is easy as long as you understand the components of your device. The guide above should be able to help you navigate your device without any challenges. Always follow the instructions on the manual or contact customer support if you are stuck.

Some vaporizers will need to be reloaded while others can hold enough material for repeated uses. You have to remember that every vaporizer has its own particular setup. But most of them have the three components – the heating chamber or tank, the battery, and the mouthpiece. Once you understand the basics, using your vaporizer will be an easy task.

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