Benign Bladder Tumors

The very indication of a cancer in the body by your doctor can be life changing. People often fear from any and every type of cancer. However, to much surprise, certain types of cancers are benign, or do not pose any direct threat to the body part it is diagnosed in.

What are bladder tumors?

Bladder tumors are caused by abnormal tissue growth. Caused due to out-of-control cell growth, such benign bladder tumours can be identified via certain signs and symptoms:

– hematuria (blood in the urine, painless)
– frequent urination
– painful urination
– pelvic pain
– back pain
– a mass or lump found on physical exam

On the diagnosis of a bladder cancer or bladder tumour, your doctor will refer your individual case to a specialist or urologist for further, in-depth examination. Timely diagnosis of the actual status of bladder tumors and an early specialist care is a must for speedy and positive recovery.

Are tumors in the bladder usually cancerous?

While some bladder tumours are malignant or cancerous, some others are benign, or not malignant and non-cancerous. The treatment will also depend on the diagnosis.
If the bladder tumor is diagnosed as benign and positioned such as the risk of damaging the blood vessels or surrounding nerves is extremely low post a surgery, removing the tumor is the easy option.
Benign tumors do not grow over time or cause any direct threat to the person’s body. In certain cases, such tumors can also be treated without the need of any major surgery or endoscopy.

Treating a benign bladder Tumor

Once the urologist diagnoses bladder cancer, treating a benign bladder tumour may involve different surgery routes as suggested by your specialist. Best endourology doctors in Lucknow often suggest surgery, reconstructive surgery of the urinary tract, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy as commonly adopted measures. The actual decision for treating bladder tumours depends on the stage of your cancer and status of symptoms.

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