It’s common thing that weight loss happens when you create a calorie deficit, burning more calories than you eat. While some people prefer to cut calories through their diets, it helps to have a combination of things – Cardio, strength training, and a healthy low-calorie diet. Cardio Known by many different descriptions: punishing, effective, downright boring as well as many others, many people are still stumped as to what exactly counts as cardio exercise, how it works and, most importantly, how much of it they need to do to burn fat. In this post, we aim to educate you on all things cardio – focusing on what you need to do to start burning that pesky fat.

How Much Cardio Do You Need to Start Burning Fat?

Our bodies tend to use carbohydrates as their main energy source. Once our bodies realize that this level of movement will be extended, it switches to using fat reserves for its energy. If we want to target fat, then we need to be doing a low/moderate intensity aerobic exercise for around 15-20 minutes before we start burning fat. For traditional cardio, this works well. If it’s low intensity, we can keep going for extended periods without wearing out and be ready to do the same again the next day.

High Intensity Training

HIIT training has some benefits, when you consider that a workout is only around 20-30 minutes and you can burn energy for hours afterwards. However we can do this exercise only two to three times a week due to recovery time. We burn more calories in a short amount of time but it’s not necessary to do this every day and shirt bursts of energy are likely to burn calories not fat. Weight lifting falls somewhere between traditional cardio and HIIT. Recovery time is longer than traditional cardio but it provides added benefits of building muscle and burning energy for a prolonged period after you finish your workout.

How Does Cardiovascular Exercise Work?

Cardiovascular exercise focuses on aerobic system. Aerobic system uses fats and carbohydrates to create energy in our body to use. The energy which virtually limitless as it uses oxygen to burn the fats and create energy for our muscles to use. Therefore, when it comes to burning fat and creating energy, our aerobic system works more effectively and you can burn fat. Cardio exercise, increase heart rate, the amount of oxygen being pumped, amount of fat that can burn to convert it into energy for our muscles to use during exercise. It’s a complete fat burning cycle that buns more calorie that we consume, we lose weight. Cardio exercises are often considered something of low intensity that gets our heart rate up over a prolonged period, however there are ways to work your heart at a more intense level that also have huge fat busting powers.

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