Can I Change My Eye Shape Through Blepharoplasty?

Eyelid surgery is one of the common procedures carried out on patients to improve their vision or boost their appearance. Some eye surgeries are therefore done for functional reasons or beauty enhancements, and blepharoplasty is one of the procedures that can provide these two results at ago. This eyelid surgery helps in removal of excess eye skin and treat hooding of the eyelids. Some people call it eye lift or eye tuck due to the results that come with it. Apart from these physical or beauty enhancement results, a patient who had vision problem will have a better eyesight as well.

Many people tend to wonder if this procedure can aid in changing the shape of their eyes. Most plastic surgeons will tell you yes because the surgery involves removing the excess skin or the sagging skin from your eyelids. Since this skin formed part of your eye features including its shape, its removal will have a slight change in this shape. However, the extent of the change will depend on the amount of skin that is being removed because your surgeon will try as much as they can retain a balance between the youthful look, good vision and a natural look.

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Effects Of Eyelid Surgery On The Eyes

Even if the results may not be seen or felt right away, your eye shape is expected to change slightly after the surgery. Some of the changes that you will see include less hooding or sunken eyes, an overall rested look, and you will have a more youthful appearance. However, your surgeon must make sure that the overall effect is well balanced. This means that your new look needs to be good naturally rather giving you a look that shouts to everyone, ‘hey look I got an eye lift. It would be very uncomfortable to know that everyone including strangers can tell that you recently got an eyelid surgery.

How To Prepare For A Procedure

Blepharoplasty is a very complex procedure, and before you go for one, you will need to consult with your plastic surgeon. During your consultation, you will agree on the desired results, and he will explain to you every benefit and risk involved with the procedure. Also, you will need to ask as many questions as you can to ensure that all of your concerns are handled. Make sure you are working with a qualified, licensed and accredited surgeon to ensure you get perfect services.

During your discussion with the doctor you need to disclose about any medications you could be taking, and these include herbal supplements, over-the-counter drugs or prescription medicines. Tell him if you are abusing drugs because you might be required to stop all these some days or weeks before the surgery. Finally, your surgeon will carry out some tests on you, and these include a physical examination to measure your ability to look, a vision test and tear examination. He will then take a picture of your eyelids before beginning your procedure to help him during the actual procedure.

Other provisions include after-surgery preparations such as having a loved one ready to take care of you during your recovery because your eyelids may be slightly painful or swollen. Your ability to do some duties may be affected and therefore the need to have someone else to be with you.


You will need to tell your doctor if you want the surgery for medical reasons or appearance enhancement because his evaluation he will be able to tell if you an underlying eye condition or not. After the evaluation and knowing the reason you need the surgery, your plastic surgeon will advise you on whether it’s safe to go on with it and if so which is the best time. People who seek eyelid surgery for beauty enhancement need to be briefed on probable outcomes to avoid frustrations after the surgery. They also need to know that the outcome is not permanent and based on their increasing age or health conditions, the eyelift might change requiring a repeat of the procedure.

It’s not everybody who is eligible for eyelid surgery due to the risks involved. For instance, some severe health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid eye disease, and dry eye issues may prohibit you from undergoing surgery. People of Asian descent may also be eliminated due to their unique eye structures because they might never get the desired results. Finally, smokers will have to stop smoking for several weeks before they can undergo surgery.

Three Main Benefits Eyelid Surgery

1. Comes With A Youthful Appearance

Most people associate aging with sagging eyelids or sunken eyes, and for the people who loved their youthful look, they will do anything to maintain it. Blepharoplasty is the procedure to go for as it will help to uplift your eyelid through the removal of excess skin. When this procedure is combined with others such as tightening and lifting of droopy face tissues, redistribution of excess fats, flagging of the hyperactive muscles and use of substitute bones will give you your desired youthful look.

2. Improved Eyesight

As you grow old, your eyelid will gradually become weak, and while you might not notice this gradual change, it will reach a certain age when you realize that your eyes are sunken. With a weak upper eyelid, it will be hard for you to lift the excess skin or fat and this means you won’t be able to open your eyes fully. With an eyelift surgery, it will be easy to open the eyes well and therefore achieve an improved vision.

3. Removal Of Eye Wrinkles

Usually, eye wrinkles get treated through Botox. However, eyelid surgery is more effective because the muscles that bring about the wrinkles are made weak and these results are permanent. You will not need to use Botox anymore.
Eyelid surgery or eye lift has proven to be helpful to many patients who have relied on it whether for functional purposes or cosmetic reasons. This is the reason why Dr. Allan Wulc, a leading blepharoplasty specialist in Philadelphia, is applying his expertise and experience to give you that excellent vision and youthful look. Apart from cosmetic and plastic surgery qualifications, he is can also perform an oculoplastic surgery and ophthalmology. Together with other surgeons, their practice is known for successful procedures such as facial peels, eyelifts, laser treatments, facelifts and Botox among others.


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