Learn How To Maintain Your Water Purifier Efficiency

Water, like the other four elements provided to you by nature, is essential. With technology that is top notch, you now get to drink clean and pure fresh water every day without any hassle. Pure drinkable water is provided to you by advanced equipment called water purifiers.

They have entered the market a few years ago but have become a popular product throughout the world. It follows a process called reverse osmosis (RO) and is made up of several components. For the proper functioning of your water purifier, it is essential that you go for regular maintenance. Kent RO service center gives an overview of the workings of an osmosis system with the help of their manual. This helps you to take matters in your hand if ever the need arises.

How Does RO Process work?

This process is a very moving process by which water is purified. In this process, water is made to pass through a semi-permeable membrane from a high concentration to a lower concentration level by applying pressure. This is opposite to the operation of osmosis. It is essential that you maintain the RO membrane as it is the most basic form of the water purification system.

You can never do without them. You first need to get a first-hand demonstration as to how to replace and work with an RO system. You could do that by how it is installed. Make sure that the operation, while you are trying to change it, is smooth and goes on without a hitch. The RO membrane kills the micro-organisms that are there so that you get water that is enriched in minerals and good enough for you to drink.

There are a few more components you have to make sure are under proper working conditions if you want healthy drinking water at all times.

  • Sedimentation Filter

The sedimentation filter is the first filter of the RO water purifier set up through which impure water passes. You have to clean this filter regularly so that no extra pressure is there. The sedimentation filter helps the screen by the sedimentation of sand and other particulate matters. You have to be sure that the display does not get clogged if the water pressure is high; make sure to clean your water sedimentation filter.

  • Carbon Filter

Carbon filter is the second stage of any water filter. This filter is an expert in removing heavy metals and salts of metals that are present. Chlorine and magnesium are the essential minerals found which are not suitable for in pure water. This filter requires timely maintenance so that proper functioning is observed. Thus this way it enhances the taste of water and removes odor.

  • Ultra Violet Unit

This unit is now found in almost all the water filters that follow modern features and technologies. The intensity of the ultraviolet bulb kills all the organisms. If water is to be added to the already purified water to maintain the TDS level of water, this filter cleans the water and then adds it to the already purified water. You must make sure that the bulb works correctly and if it is not, then they should be immediately replaced to avoid any water purification dis-balance.

  • Filter Flow Restriction

This filter controls the water that is wasted or dispersed from the water purifier. The flow restriction filter helps you by avoiding the waste of excess amount of water. This could lead to lesser efficiency of RO purification system. There is a valve that controls the rate by which water is being dispersed off. Therefore, it is always vital that you change the plug as soon as you realize that it needs replacement.

  • The RO Membrane

Without any doubt, it is the most crucial or vital part of any water filter. Without this, obtaining pure drinkable water is impossible. It is the heart and soul of any water purifier. You have to keep in mind that the membrane that is the veil should be measured and then installed with the thickness compared and measured, keeping in mind the hardness and TDS of water. Regularly check the TDS of water to see if you require frequent change of your RO membrane more so than otherwise. Arrange for a replacement if that is the case.

Timely servicing of your water purifier at Kent servicecenter is crucial because it makes sure that a water purifier continues to work generously for years. Kent RO water purifier lives long when you care after all its components or parts equally and change them or go for replacement at times required. There are some limits of the presence of mineral salts or metals which is regarded as unhealthy. Therefore, you should measure that level once to be sure that the water your water purifier is providing you with meets all the quality standards. For any issues regarding Kent RO water purifier, you can visit the nearest Kent RO Service department.

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