Everything A Man Needs to Know About TRT

As a man ages, his testosterone levels naturally decrease so it is important for him to take the necessary measures to maintain healthy testosterone levels for longevity and wellness. This steroid hormone helps a man maintain and build a lean body mass and muscle tissue. Thus, a man who does not see good results after going to the gym for a long time might have low TRT.

The hormone is literally what makes a man masculine. It is responsible for features such as hair growth, deep voice, muscular size, broad jawline, and chiseled abs. just like the human growth hormone, a lot of factors affect the production of testosterone either positively or negatively. Factors that increase its levels include sufficient sleep, a lean body, and regular exercise. Negative factors that decrease the hormone’s level are diabetes, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, lack of sleep, sedentary life, chronic stress and some types of medicinal drugs.

Symptoms of low TRT

Low levels of testosterone in men is a growing concern in modern society leading to various researches conducted each year regarding the issue. Before discussing the treatment methods, it is vital for one to understand the common signs and symptoms of TRT which are:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Poor concentration
  • Shrinking testes
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of body and pubic hair
  • Anemia

Although a person may exhibit several of the above-mentioned symptoms, the only way to confirm low T is through proper blood tests. A proper physician will be able to guide an individual through the whole process of diagnosis and restoring testosterone levels back to their normal levels.

What to Expect on the Treatment

Once a person has made the choice to start testosterone replacement therapy, he may have anxious feelings as to what to expect throughout the process. Depending on the form of the hormone an individual is given, he can expect to see positive results within two weeks. However, most males will take about a month to completely restore their testosterone levels and hence notice improvements in the quality of life and well being.

After the first few weeks of treatment, an individual will experience a heightened sense of vitality, more restful sleep, and increased libido. TRT is a long-term solution and patience is required on the part of a person receiving the treatment. The waiting period is worth it once a patient feels like he has regained back his life.

The Process of Getting Started

The first step is contacting a health professional and schedule an initial consultation. During the first appointment, an individual will be asked to explain his symptoms and learn more about TRT. He will then be required to give a blood sample for the purpose of assessment. Proper blood tests are vital to ensure that blood lipid, red blood cells counts and other biomarkers are in a healthy range.

An individual will have peace of mind once he knows that a licensed physician will oversee the whole process of treatment. He will not be unduly worried about the possible side effects.

What it’s Like to Inject Yourself

Although injections may be petrifying as first, once an individual gets used to it, it will be much easier to go about it. Naturally, when looking at a sharp needle, the body becomes tense and therefore one would be apprehensive about sticking it into their bodies. However, in reality, the gauge of the needle is small and as long as the initial puncturing of the skin is done, the needle will glide smoothly deep into the muscle tissue.

When an individual is injecting testosterone he is, in fact, adding large volumes of oil into the muscle tissue which is slowly dispersed into his bloodstream. Minor side effects will be noticed such as injection site soreness. This is normal and will subside after a few days. Even those who have been on TRT treatment for a considerable time will still be apprehensive about injecting themselves. The trick to this nervousness is to go slowly when inserting the needle. If a person is having trouble injecting himself, he might ask help from a close family member or friend. However, in the long run, he should train himself to be comfortable with the injection process since it might not be a good idea to tell others about the problem.

Benefits Noticed

Low testosterone levels is a condition that negatively impacts the life of an affected person. He loses his self-esteem and can cause relationships strains. When a person seeks treatment he wants to gain back his left. Although the results may seem to delay after an individual puts the first syringe into his body, he can expect to see a variety of benefits after weeks of treatment. These include:

  • Increased sex drive
  • Improved sleep quality
  • A regular appetite
  • Improved bone and joint health
  • More adequate red blood cell production
  • Facial hair growth

It is worth saying that not everyone will experience the same results or benefits. The way a person reacts to treatment differs. While some men will see visible results only after a few weeks, others will take a little longer and might need a larger dose for the best result. This is an individualistic treatment and comparing oneself with the TRT regimen of others is not recommended.

Take Home Points

The decision to take TRT is a big decision in a man’s life and he should carefully consider his treatment options and any possible side effects before deciding to start treatment. It is often a difficult thing to talk about and men become embarrassed to seek treatment. Therefore a person who has come forward to is to be treated with dignity and his privacy respected. Studies have proved that men who have high levels of progesterone have a longer lifespan, have more vitality and are more confident. It is a life changing experience for many men who want to control their masculinity.


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