Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

Heart valve replacement surgery works out to be a method where you go on to replace the heart valves. Normally the valves would have narrowed down and it goes on to hinder the blood flow to and fro from the heart where an artificial valve is embedded on to the natural valve.

The various types of heart valve transplant in India

Open heart

It works out to be a surgical procedure where the heart of a patient is exposed in an operation theatre and then the surgery is being performed on the internal structures of the heart. When the surgery is performed, on a heart lung equipment the patient is placed which would allow the blood to flow through the heart and this is when the surgery is being performed.

Heart surgery of the minimal evasive type

This goes by the name of keyhole surgery where small incisions are being made of 3 to 4 inches and this is done in the heart muscle through specialized equipment. The focus here is on mitral valve repair.


With the aid of a balloon catheter, the stiff aortic valves are being treated. Here the balloon is being placed and it is then inflated so that the size of the valve goes on to increase. What does happen is that it leads to an increase in the flow of blood as well.

The varied types of valves which are used in the process of transplant

Mechanical valves

Mechanical value goes by the name of prosthetic which is an artificial substitute of the natural valve. It is pretty much like your natural valve where there is a ring that is there to support the leaflets


What happens in case the valve happens to be obtained from the body of a donor, it goes by the name of homograft. This works wonders for pregnant woman or children and there is no need for anticoagulation therapy as well.


This happens to be a native and this is taken from an animal. Before you go on to place it in a human being it is chemically treated and then goes on replace the deceased valve.

The procedure associated with heart valve replacement

Since this does work out to be a complex procedure, first and foremost general anesthesia is provided before you head to the operation table. What it does require is that the surgeon has to go on and cut the breast bone so as to make way for the aorta chamber. As it does happen to be a case of open heart surgery the patient is connected to an artificial heart. This is general made of metal or steel and it depends upon the availability along with suitability.

One of the major differences that has been observed is that metal valves does tend to last for a longer period of time when you compare it to the biological ones. The latter normally tends to remain functional for 10 to 15 years at a maximum level.