One the most significant of life is that we go to the gym to run on treadmill. Some thinks gym is a lifeline, and an exercise place which provides everything to keep fit and power to handle all the pressure. Gym provides vast range of training regimes and equipment for any type of exercise. Outdoor training would be convenience and save our money that we pay in gym. Exercising outdoor, spending time outdoors will give positive effects on our body. This is the list of benefits that give profit by doing exercise in outdoors:

Daily Sunshine

Morning sunshine can instantly refresh our soul and gives relaxation to the mind. Sunlight is the great source of vitamin D which is important for bones. Many kids and elders are suffering from deficiency of vitamin. This the best source for them. Being woke up gradually by the sun’s natural light switches off melatonin, the hormone that stimulates sleep. This improves your energy and mood without the “fight or flight” stress of an alarm clock forcing you awake. A high level of vitamin D in the bloodstream can boost memory and protect against dementia.

It boost your memory

Higher levels of the vitamin had a better memory and were quicker to process information. Exercising outside could also be an exhilarating way to cue your brain that it’s time to start the day, Exposure to sunlight can also benefit those suffering from no seasonal depression, premenstrual dysphonic disorder, and in pregnant women with depression. Sunlight cues special areas in the retina, which triggers the release of serotonin.


While doing outdoor exercise keep you motivated and help you to stick to your fitness plan, all for free. Once you started doing exercise in outdoor, you get a motivation from others who are coming for outdoor exercised before.

Provoke your Body

The latest and probably one of the most common sense ways to get fit and lose excess body fat is by making painless additions of exercise to your day, combined with small diet modifications. Though machines in the gym are great replicating movement they are never good as the real thing. We should challenge our body to do exercise in outdoor and take an essential diet regularly. It is for the body and brain to stay alert instead of mindlessly running on treadmill.

Saves Money

There are many reasons people avoid gym because it’s too expensive, feeling tired, don’t know how to use machines. It is very important to know regular exercise; it’s hard to pay monthly subscription of gym, as we have to pay many home bills and food to feed up. Exercise doesn’t have to pay single penny. If you step outside you can discover the gym outside in the natural air. Outdoor exercise save your wallet and make you refresh and free mind.