Hospitality Management Experience

Riot Hospitality Group was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a fasting growing company. RHG for short creates a unique environment with an entertaining culture around its brand. RHG is known to dedicate the best services and community while maintaining the best five-star rating for customer service.

Ryan Hibbert is the CEO of Riot Hospitality Group, which is the company that maintains the top restaurants and bars in the Phoenix, including Dierks Bently Whiskey Row, EI Hefe, Farm & Craft, Riot House, and Hand Cut. Hibbert’s team created the “high-energy” restaurants and bars with nightlife and daylife experiences that are one of a kind. That is how hospitality leaders like Ryan Hibbert help pave the way for success.

Their group provides the best bottle service and happy hour at their many locations. Tourists and locals are known to share how comfortable they are at their night clubs and restaurants.

It is important to always motivate your employees. Some say and believe that giving employees the highest pay, insurance, retirement benefits, and job security keeps employees happy. At present, RHG has more than 800 employees including many military veterans.

The RHG team works hard to maintain the best environment for their patrons and gives the chance to enjoy exclusive beverages and quality food.

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