How to Set Good Fitness Goals

A solid fitness goal is the best way to ensure that you stay on track with your fitness routine. It keeps you on toes with an endgame in mind. Nonetheless, since people are different fitness goals tend to vary and this is ok, as we all have different plans for ourselves.

It does not matter if you want to shed some extra pounds, train for an event or improve your overall fitness level. You should find a way to stay focused on it, in a bid to stay fit for a healthy life. Fitness experts like Brice Mansa (Know more about him here: can help you stay focused on you fitness goals for a long better life.

Consequently, setting goals is a necessity for success in this case a fitness success. It increases you overall desire to accomplish something, making you better by the day. Here are some points you can use to set good fitness goals

  • Be SMART

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Time-bound. This five-letter word can help you make a realistic and attainable fitness goal that can see you grow into a completely different person.

Therefore, you should use it to make a workout plan, as losing weight is just a vague term. You need to be specific and direct in what you want to achieve in order to succeed in your endeavors. Therefore, losing 20 pounds in a span of eight months seems much better, as it clearly states your goal by giving you direction as well as how to keep track of your progress and for how long.

  • Be Consistent

You will need to create a plan that will help you exercise on a regular basis. Make sure the goal challenges you, for a better tomorrow. You can set up small checkpoints for tracking your progress. This can also help by keeping you motivated with your fitness routine on a regular basis. As it goes slow and steady always wins the race.

  • Make Yourself Accountable

Being accountable is very important when it comes to setting up good fitness goals. Depending on the kind of person you are, studies suggest that you either tell a friend, so that they can be your fitness partner or be there for you or you can just keep it to yourself but set an alarm on your phone to, always remind you of your goal and ensure you stick to it.

Regardless of the accountability option you opt for, always make sure you write down your goals and place them in a place that you are likely to see every time. This way you get a constant reminder to work towards them.

  • Track Your Progress

The best way to stay accountable to your fitness goals is to track your progress. You can write down your daily fitness achievements or use fitness apps that automatically track your progress for you. If you opt to use fitness apps for tracking, then you should invest in quality wearable technology be it for cycling, jogging or running. Also, make sure the devices can give you a better report on your overall health.

Nonetheless, you should monitor your fitness, this way you stay on track for an easier goal accomplishment.

  • Know When to Scale Your Efforts

As much as a fitness goal should challenge you, it should not wear you down to the point of a near-death experience. Therefore, check how your body responds to your regular workouts, and know when to scale your efforts up or down.

For instance, if you are never sore after a thorough work out and do not notice any changes on your progress chart, after a few weeks, then your fitness routine is not challenging you enough. It is time to up you game and scale your efforts a bit higher.

However, if you notice a rise on your heart rate, then you are exercising too much and it is time to tone down your workouts and make them less stressful.

  • Be Mindful of the Power of Now

The future is unknown and uncontrollable, so live in the present for a better healthier life. Set you fitness goals now and start working on them ASAP. This way you start living a life you want, which is a healthy one.


So, do you want to stay fit and live a long healthy life? Follow these guides on setting achievable fitness goals for a better life.


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