IVF Treatment

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. IVF involves taking many eggs and putting them a petri dish with some specialized sperm cells. These eggs become fertilized by the sperm cells and then become embryos. Then these developed embryos are transferred to uterus.

In some cases, the sperms need extra help for fertilization process. For this, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is used which is an assisted reproductive technology which injects the single sperm cell into an egg. This is done because of male’s infertility, previously cryopreserved eggs or if previous IVF cycle failure for the fertilization stage. Ovaries must be stimulated before the eggs retrieval. Infertility drugs help to gain more eggs during a month which helps to mature the eggs and stimulate the ovaries.

Cost of IVF:

Infertility is a growing problem in today’s life because of stress. Both husband and wife are working in stressful conditions for better future ambitions. Because of such reasons there is very little time to think about growing a family. So, when couples plan to have a baby, it turns into a prolonged battle.

The average Cost of IVF treatment in India is Rs 2, 50,000 for a cycle but it can be more than Rs 5, 00,000. This price includes everything from infertility drug purchase, ultrasound and monitoring cost, blood work.

The process of injecting sperm to eggs which is known as ICSI treatment itself will cost you around Rs 1, 50,000 to 2, 00,000 average cost for frozen embryo is about Rs 1.20,000. There is more than one cycle in IVF treatment to reach pregnancy.

Cost on health: Medicines used for IVF cycle can be more risks and have some side effects on the health of mother. Reading about the risk can lead you to anxiety and stress during IVF treatment which increases the failure rate. You should educate about this risk and make smarter decision for successful treatment. IVF treatment can be stressful experience financially, physically and emotionally.

Success Rates:

According to the study the average live-birth for the first cycle among 156.00 women was 29.5percent. For repeated cycles, the cumulative birth rate increase by 65 percent.

Age plays a vital for the success of IVF treatment in India because of infertility rate. Donated eggs can also affect success rates.

Treatments are done according to person’s health and fertility rate. Various factors are determined before the cycle begins. If there is any odd doctor will suggest medication and drugs to overcome the problem.

IVF and Male Infertility:

IVF has overcome the problem of female infertility. IVF can also assist male infertility. Sometimes it’s difficult for sperm to penetrate into eggs by their own. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is use to transfer sperm directly to the egg cell.


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