Outdoor exercise is to connect with nature that is substantial to our overall health and well being. It existed for thousands of years in outdoor environments. We all share an innate affiliation with nature. The problem is that we spend less time outdoors interacting with the nature, world even though our brains are hardwired for it. Outdoor workouts allow us to connect with nature while providing maximum benefits. Outdoor fitness can be a exercise program that takes advantage of the natural territory of the outdoors to get our body in shape, and as simple as taking a fast walk outside.

Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Reduce Stress

Outdoor Exercise is also known as Green Exercise. It is a kind of physical activity that takes place in natural environments. It contributes to decrease tension, confusion, and anger. Looking at green environment can decrease the stress-related hormones and hydrocortisone.

Exercising in front of natural sunlight combined with exposure is to increase of blood platelets levels in our bodies, which can improve feelings of wellbeing and happiness. As we become busy in our daily life, we experience more stress and less time available for physical activity. Dedicating time to exercising outdoors will diminish stress on busy days and improve mental wellbeing and self-esteem, and help fight depression.

Improve Mental State and Adherence to Exercise

The environment changes when we exercise outdoors; weather, temperature and country. We need a great deal of focus to adjust to these changes. We need a break from daily stress, which can improve ability to concentrate on day-to-day tasks. It reveals that those who encompass outdoor exercise into their fitness and adherence to their exercise programs. The sights, sounds, and vary with outdoor training that cannot be done in a gym.

Boosted levels of vitamin D

The majority of our time is spent indoors. Outdoor Exercise will help to receive adequate levels of Vitamin D. When the UV ray comes from the sun our bodies naturally convert cholesterol in our skin to vitamin D3.The deficiency of vitamin D increase the risk of a host of chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and some cancers. It requires a few minutes of daily sun that expose in order to maintain adequate levels. There are many factors that influence the exact exposure needed, such as ethnicity, amount of skin exposed, age, and the UV index.`

Incorporates different muscle groups

Outdoor Exercise gives different muscle groups that structured indoor workouts. For example, outdoor running or hiking are more difficult than exercising on a treadmill. It requires more lateral movements and the activation of muscles throughout our ankles, knees, and core. Mountain biking requires balance and coordination. Upper-body strength is also required for quick movements.

Keep hydrated

Muscles that are hydrated function better. We should drink water every time during the exercise before the exercise and after the exercise. If you are exercising in hot weather for more than one hour, you should consume a sports beverage that contains carbohydrates and electrolytes.

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