Pros Of Getting Lash Extensions

Who doesn’t love a pair of fluffy & voluminous lash extensions? These are an amazing addition when you are off to a formal event, but they can also suit women who love to look glam on a daily. Lash extensions are pretty affordable, and they are something that you should try to do at least once in your lifetime. If you are interested in finding out all about them, as well as some pros & cons, keep on reading!

Pros Of Getting Lash Extensions

  1. Not Too Expensive

If you are fine with paying around $50 for a pair of lash extensions, why not get them? This price isn’t too expensive once compared to some other treatments such as permanent makeup, hair highlights, as well as lip fillers. However, it is a trustworthy & long-lasting solution.

Also, be aware that this price can vary. It pretty much depends on your lash experts’ reputation, skill level, as well as your countries standards.

  1. Easy Application

The application itself isn’t painful nor scary. All you have to do is lay still on the bed for 60 minutes (approximately). Your lash tech will apply lashes one by one on top of your natural ones. Make sure your eyes are shut during the treatment just so the glue doesn’t get into your eyes. You can talk with them, listen to some music or your favorite podcast just so that time flies by.

  1. Ideal For Any Eye Shape

The best part regarding lash extensions is that they can look great on anyone! This is because your lash tech can customize them per your eye shape & preference. This means that you’ll be left with a customizable solution that suits you the best.

Even if you have short, little, sparse or even super long natural lashes – you can still get lash extensions.

  1. Low Maintenance

No reason to worry about their upkeep. All you have to do is avoid oils, alcohol cleansers, as well as cotton rounds! These items don’t mix well when they come in contact with your extensions, so avoid them at all costs.

Also, make sure you brush your lashes through with a small brow comb. Brush them out every morning & evening just so you are left with a flawless outcome.

  1. Will Stay On For Weeks

They have an amazing lifespan. In fact, lash extensions can stay on for 2-3 weeks! This means that they will come in handy for many different events. You can wear them on your holiday getaway and enjoy at any given point.

 Will Stay On For Weeks

  1. Will Save You Time When Getting Ready In The Morning

You can look flawless the minute you wake up! Lash extensions look voluminous & natural on every woman. This will help you grab at least an additional 10 minutes of beauty sleep. No reason to do a lot, simply comb them through and you’ll be good to go!

  1. You Won’t Have To Use Any Lash Accessories

Lash extensions look great even without mascara! They are dark on their own, voluminous on their own, and long-wearing! You won’t have to reach for lash boosting serums, mascaras, glue-on lashes, nor lash curlers during the 3-week period.

Think about all the money which you’ll be saving by not reaching for any of these. This further justifies the price tag of $50 for a pair of lash extensions.

7. You Won't Have To Use Any Lash Accessories

Cons Of Getting Lash Extensions

  1. Not For You If You Are Allergic

Unfortunately, you can be allergic to silk, mink or faux mink materials. You can also be allergic to the glue itself. Make sure you are well aware of your allergies before you commit to this treatment.

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  1. You’ll Be Left With The Same Style For Weeks

Even if you end up getting them for one event in particular: let’s say it’s your wedding, be aware that you’ll be left with them for weeks to come.
Women who love to switch up their style & who love unique outcomes may not love lash extensions. You will be left with the same style for 3 weeks, so make sure you are willing to commit.

2. You'll Be Left With The Same Style For Weeks

In The End, Should You Get Lash Extensions?

As you can see, there are a lot more reasons to why you should get them. Lash extensions will come in handy if it is your wedding, you are off to your honeymoon, or if you are someone who wants to wake up flawless every morning! Just make sure you are not allergic to its components and you’ll be set for weeks to come!


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