You can’t really determine what type of nose, you will be born with; but, thankfully with nose surgery, you can change the nasal projection. Of course, your facial appearance says a lot about who you are. Creating different nasal projection following initial rhinoplasty (nose job) can help you create the image you want to present to the world.

Your nasal shape, contour, and angle might have been caused by birth, accident or disease. There are many different nose types; some are described as dainty, perky, strong, refined, hero, upturned, drooping, under-projected or over-projected. Each carries its own connotation.

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If you are unsatisfied with your nasal projection, plastic surgery can help. We will discuss the self-confidence that can be gained by nasal projection procedures. Look your best, so you can feel the best about yourself and the world around you.

Types of Nasal Projections

The world can be a hectic place where strangers will judge you based on your appearance. Your facial appearance is one of the primary ways that you will engage in non-verbal communication with them. Whether we like it or not, our nasal projection might say a lot about us.

Women might like a button, perky or dainty nose that is under-projected. It creates a welcoming appearance that is not too aggressive. You might see some of these feminine nose projections on the most famous actresses.

On the other hand, male executives might want a large, strong, refined, hero or over-projected nose that is associated with confidence, command, domination, and authority. Clients might inherently trust certain images; for instance, they might feel more comfortable when a leader has a solid jawline and prominent nose. Having these features might lead to higher sales or career advancement.

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Noses are very unique – the perfect nose must fit your other facial features. Some nose projections might be too small, others might be too large based on your other facial features. Over time, nose tips start to droop, just like your other features; therefore, drooping noses might be associated with old age.

Nose structures are very complicated, but that is why a board certified plastic surgeon is so valuable. He understands what should be adjusted to attain your goal. Your nasal tip projection is impacted by the following four factors:

  • Cartilage
  • Nasal Septum
  • Muscle Depressor Septi
  • Skin

Generally, the goal of many nose surgeries is to create a more balanced face – equilibrium. Over time, you also might want to elevate or lengthen your nose to counter the ill effects of old age. We will discuss how you can gain more self-confidence with plastic surgery by creating harmony between your nose, eyes, ears, and mouth.

1. Cartilage

Cartilage provides the firm structure for your nose. Its primary characteristics are shape and resistance. Your plastic surgeon can trim nasal cartridge to reduce nasal projection.

Sometimes a hump in the middle of your nose will make it appear that your tip is drooping. Naturally, people might focus on one’s imperfections. With nasal surgery, we can give you a centered projection.

Also, cartilage extension grafts can be used to lengthen your nasal tip projection. Oftentimes, lengthening will include an attempt to raise your tip. A higher nose tip might make you look more youthful, energetic and vigorous.

2. Nasal Septum

You might have been born with a deviated septum. This is when the cartilage and bone between your nostrils have a hole, puncture or perforation in it. The septum provides air flow and support for your nasal tip.

To determine whether your nose has the ideal projection, plastic surgeons might use the Goode Method. According to this method, the ratio of 0.55 is determined to be the ideal projection. If your nose ratio is higher than 0.55, then it is over-projected. If your nose ratio is lower than 0.55, then it is under-projected. We can measure your nose to determine its projection.

3. Muscle Depressor Septi

You have 3 different nasal muscles, including the muscle depressor septi. Usually, drooping noses are caused by problems with the muscle depressor septi. We can tighten this and other muscles with plastic surgery.

4. Skin

Or, your skin might start to droop due to old age. The primary factors of nose skin are elasticity and thickness. Plastic surgery can tighten your skin to improve nasal projection.

Benefits of Improving Nasal Projection

The ideal nasal projection allows you to face the world with more self-confidence. You can project the exact type of characteristics that you want the world to see. Rhinoplasty can increase beauty, vitality, and vigor.

Everyone has features that they would like to improve. You can create a harmonious facial appearance to send a harmonious message after a nose procedure. A beautiful face allows you to face the world on your terms – show your best side to everyone.

The Glasgold Group

Our family plastic surgery clinic, The Glasgold Group – Alvin I, Mark and Robert Glasgold – has passed down our techniques, skills, and mission to help patients reach their aesthetic goals. The Glasgold Group provides high-quality rhinoplasty to clients in NJ wanting to improve their nasal projection. We also use nontraditional approaches to reduce bruising and swelling.

If you are interested in improving your nasal projection, then give us a call today. Improve your self-confidence with a more harmonious image through nasal projection improvement surgery. Look your best, so you can feel the best about yourself and the world around you.


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