Stretching is the important for the daily workouts. It is a part of healthy lifestyles. It gives flexibility to the body. It gives you an optimistic outlook. Stretching exercise has powerful abilities to release peptide. Stretching tights the loosen skin and gives a proper body shape and makes your body relax and increase the blood circulation. Stretching increase the stamina of the body, loose the excess fat from each and every part of the body. It gives good nutrient to the muscle and reduces the muscle soreness. Regular stretching will relax your all your muscles and improve the performance of the athletes. Daily exercise and diet may reduce the cholesterol level of the body. It reduces unwanted fat from the body. There are some stretches that are better for daily workout:

Forward Bend

Let’s start with the exercise known as Forward Bend. First of all stand straight, keep your feet together and arms by your side. Then keep your hands up in a prayer position and drive your arms and chest down. Now take your hand side of your feet and slowly bring your chest down in your knees. If it is hard to reach toes, bend your knees till the time your hands on the floor. Press your chin and chest in the direction of knees and thighs. Never lock the knees, always keep slight bend to avoid.Stretches hamstrings reduces anxiety, headache and improves digestion.


Let’s Start withTadasana take a small step one foot about 3 to 4 feet behind, allow the toe turn out to the side and align front heel to the back heel. Back foot should be a few inches side to balance more effectively. Once your legs are in place, bring your hands to side of your front foot and lower our chest and chin in the top of your thigh. Keep your fingers and hands behind the front leg for more stretch.It stretches the whole body and strengthens the legs. Improves posture and balance and calms the brain.

Utthan Pristhasana

Keep your front knee down, and another knee aligned with ankle, and your back leg extended behind you. Keep your back knee off the ground and allow it to gentle rest on the floor, then take hands to the inner side of your front foot.Start doing work in your way by coming onto your forearms and allow your chest to come closer to the ground, in opposite directions.Stretches the thighs, hamstrings, groin, abdomen, shoulders and neck. Opens up the chest and lungs.

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