The Best Offroad Gear for Hot Weather Riding

Summertime is the best time for riding a motorcycle, but if you live in one of the many parts of the country in which temperatures routinely hit 80, 90 or 100 degrees, plus humidity, you may find that riding is simply too uncomfortable. Warm weather shouldn’t hold you back, and with the proper hot weather motorcycle riding gear, it won’t. Keep reading for information on the essential gear you need to stay cool on your bike for the duration of the season.

Vented Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is the quintessential piece of motorcycle riding gear, but those who live in warmer climates rarely ever get to don this classic piece of apparel. This is because leather jackets don’t allow air to pass through. Yet, because of how tough leather is, it’s one of the best materials for riding for protective purposes. If you want to benefit from the protective properties that leather provides but not swelter in the heat, look into vented leather jackets. Vented jackets allow air to pass through and also serves to dissipate hot air generated by the body.

Vented Helmet

The full-face helmet is the most protective type of helmet on the market, but many riders forego this essential piece of equipment because it’s too hot. If you refuse to wear a full-face helmet for comfort reasons, look into ventilated helmets. Vents help air circulate around inside the helmet and dissipate body heat to the outside. Next time you’re shopping around for OEM motorcycle parts, look into purchasing a vented helmet as well.

Hot Weather Gloves

Again, leather is the ideal material for motorcycle gear, but just like with the jacket, leather gloves restrict airflow. As the temperatures rise, leather gloves may cause the palms to become sweaty, which is not only uncomfortable but it’s also dangerous. Fortunately, there are many gloves on the market that offer the protection of leather but that are ventilated to allow for maximum airflow. As an added benefit, many of these gloves are designed to go up into a rider’s sleeve, further cooling the body.

Lightweight Riding Pants

Once upon a time, protective motorcycle pants came in one material: Leather. Today, riders have their choice from dozens of materials, including denim. Jean companies realized that a large part of their fan base consisted of motorcycle riders, so to cater to them, the companies began to incorporate high-strength abrasion-resistant thread into the fabric. Some have even gone so far as to line pants with Kevlar or to outfit a pair with pockets into which the wearer can insert impact protectors.

Cooling Base Layers

Whether you’re planning a track day on a particularly brutal day or you want to wear all leathers, strategically selected base layers can help you maximize your comfort as well as protection. Though layering is usually something people do to stay warm in cold weather, when you select the right pieces, you can do the opposite — cool your body when the temperatures begin to rise. This is because the right pieces wick sweat away from the body and prevent heavier materials, such as leather, from feeling too oppressive.

Though motorcycle aftermarket mods are fun to do, they should come second to your safety. Be sure to gear up with the appropriate attire this season—shop warm weather motorcycle riding gear today.

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