Upper Body Exercise

It is a common misconception that upper-body resistance exercise will cause women to pump up. Women’s hormones and physiology such as size and shape determine our strength and muscular development.. You don’t have to worry about looking like one. In fact, women only have on average roughly one-tenth the testosterone that men do. Women with higher testosterone levels relative to other women develop more muscle at a faster rate, but all women can train their upper body without turning into Hulk. To enhance your physique and create that athletic shape many women crave, you need to build your back, biceps, triceps, size aside; the benefits to upper-body resistance training are numerous. Here are just a few reasons you should add it to your training regimen!

  1. Remodeling

Bone modeling and remodeling is the process by which bone adapts to load by changing size and shape and removing weak or damaged bone tissue. When muscles contract against bone, it creates stress that causes bones to strengthen against the contractions. The stronger your muscles get, the stronger your bones must become to handle muscle contractions. Bone modeling helps prevent fractures and insures.

  1. Connective Tissue

Ligaments, tendons, and cartilage are what hold your bones together. These joints are at risk of injury when they become unstable. Upper-body resistance training strengthens connective tissue in the elbows, shoulders, neck, spine, wrists, and hands, improving joint integrity, stability, and injury prevention.

3. It help in growth of muscle and fat loss

Strength training increase lean body mass while decreasing fat stores. The proportion of lean mass to fat mass, are metabolically active. A metabolically active body will have increased metabolic rate, fat oxidation, and energy consumption in the form of calories. In other words, we have to burn more calories and fat simply by carrying more muscle!

  1. The Get-More-Awesome Plan

These workouts are broken down into push/pull sequences. These workouts are done for upper-body push and pull muscles equally during the week.

  • During Workout, you must concentrate on pushing, which uses the pectoral muscles as primary movers. You’ll also rely on your shoulders, trapezius muscles, and triceps for assistance.
  • During Workout, you’ll do pulling exercises. These moves involve a large network of muscles that cover your back including the trapezius and rhomboids at the top of the back, the latissimus dose in the center of the back, and the erector spine that run down to the bottom of the back.

Other small muscles work during these exercises, along with the biceps muscles in the arms.

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