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Do you also had interest in content writing or had some knowledge or informative content on health. If you want to share that information with others so that others can also get some benefits or knowledge. You can write or share your views on our website so that others can read it. We give chances to all but your content should be informative. We always support guest posting so we always accept health guest post. As no one can tell which person can have what information?

You may hear that by knowledge is the only thing which increases on sharing. Our motto is to share ones information to other so that everyone can become aware of it.

No problem if you are beginner. Practice makes a man perfect and we always welcome to those who want to learn. First we see your article and if you want your article to be accepted by us it should be informative, non-duplicate and in a good format. We will also provide you some guidelines and according to them you have to write it. Some advantages that you will get if you work with us:

  • You will gain experience and after sometimes become professional in content writing.
  • It will help you to become a professional blogger by which you can also earn some income.
  • It will also help to get high traffic on your blog.
  • These content can be very beneficial to tutors, teachers.
  • It provides you a platform where you can sharpen your writing skills.

Guidelines or rules which you have to keep in mind while writing content


  • Only an informative article seems helpful to readers.
  • Write an informative article which provides all information on health.
  • Many writer writes content but it does not contain useful information.


  • We want our article to be read by everyone so avoid complicated and difficult words.
  • It is not possible for all students to understand complex article so write it in simple language.
  • Reading blog should not be like a challenge to people.
  • Many persons avoid reading articles due to use of hard words.


  • Before reading article you should know about how many words you had to use.
  • Write article containing 1000 words.


  • Article is written so that people can read it.
  • Write article in a simple and attractive format.
  • Use bullet point to make it more beautiful.
  • Bullet point should not be more than 20 words.


  • Keywords play an important role when people search for information in search engines.
  • Keywords should be used at least one time in first paragraph, 2or 3 times in article, one time in subheading and one time in Meta description.


  • Subheadings should be given in articles.
  • It helps readers to understand article more easily.
  • At least one time keyword should be used in subheading.


  • In health blog “guest post” or while writing any other blog it is important to write your own and original which is not copied content.
  • Content is checked by copyscape to see how original your content is.
  • Try to write whole article yourself because copied articles are not accepted.

Meta description

  • Meta description should be there in the end of article.
  • In Meta description you will tell what is explained inside article or it is also used to attract readers.

Grammatical errors

  • Mostly writers write informative and good content but have a lot of grammatical errors.
  • These errors cause a red line under words which makes article to look bad.


  • The first paragraph of article should not be more than 150 words.
  • Use short sentences ion paragraph.
  • Before starting paragraph you can give subheading to every paragraph.

Passive Voice

  • Your content should contain at least 30 % passive voice.
  • Example is it is taken by ram.

If want to share your guest post send us an email onselfybuzz1@gmail.com

So after reading our guidelines and if you want to share information on health you are welcome by us. So “submit guest post” + “health” where + means on. By writing article or content it will provide you many benefits so you have many reasons for writing.

  • It will make you a professional because many people know writing good but due to not having opportunity they cannot expand themselves.
  • We are always with you and support you by our sites and with the help of our partner writers.
  • Your article will be shared through many sites or social media to make it viral.
  • By writing for us you will be aware of how content is written professionally.