Your Ultimate Guide to Getting a Killer Upper Body

We all have our own reasons to invest our time, energy and money into working out regularly we all have one thing in common: we want to progress and improve our physical selves. Sometimes, exercising helps us improve our mental selves. But all of this sometimes feels impossible to do i.e. taking time out for exercising can be hard when we are all leading such busy lives amongst family, work, errands and friends, etc.

Which is why when we finally do get some time for ourselves, it is extremely precious and therefore we must learn to utilize it properly by figuring out what kind of body we want and how to work towards it. We all are capable of appreciating beauty when we see a body that is bulked up, toned and has a defined chest with even better pectoral muscles and muscular, toned arms – and we all are quite prone to desiring that body for ourselves. Who doesn’t want to fit in with today’s beauty standards and look good? We’re here to help you get that dream upper body, expecting nothing but dedication in return.

How to Put Together an Upper Body Workout Routine:

Setting up a powerful and efficacious upper body workout that actually makes a difference requires a good few very quick and plain measures:

  • Devising a plan to exercise every aspect of the important upper body movement patterns and muscle groups either directly or indirectly.
  • Selecting the most effective exercises to train muscles with all the while ensuring proper balance around the joints.
  • Placing those exercises in the most exemplar ranking.
  • Determining the proper quantity of sets and reps per exercise so training volume is within your ideal extent.
  • Investing intop 5 chest press machines by Livin3 to get the most out of your effort.

In the most simple and basic understanding, our upper bodies can really only perform six movements. They can oscillate (push and pull) horizontally; push and pull uprightly, bend and curve at the elbow, and stretch and expand at the elbow, as well. This brings us to the fact that a proper and perfect upper body workout regime may comprise of around six various exercises that aim to work on six different movement designs and/or muscle groups. This is why when we are setting up an upper body workout routine, our goal most of the time is to select exercises that will allow us train all of those movement patterns to some degree.

Exercise Selection:

Now that we have understood what our upper body is capable of doing and what we have to work on in order to get it to look the way we want; the next step is to select the exercises we plan on doing throughout the routine. These exercises can be performed either without equipment or with the help of top 5 chest press machines by Livin3.

  • For horizontal pushing movements, we will perform bench presses, including the incline, decline, flat, reverse grip and close grip bench presses.
  • For horizontal pulling movements, we will perform rows, including bent over rows, seated cable rows, T-bar rows and chest supported machine rows.

    1. For vertical pushing movements, we may perform standing overhead shoulder presses, seated overhead shoulder presses, lateral raises, front raises and high incline bench presses.

  • For vertical pulling movements, we may include pull-ups, chin-ups and wide grip lateral pull downs.
  • For elbow flexion movements, we will include curls such as standing biceps curls, seated biceps curls, preacher curls and cable curls.

  1. For elbow extension movements, we may perform laying triceps extensions (also known as skull crushers), triceps cable press downs and overhead triceps extensions.

It is crucial to keep in mind that we are supposed to select one, at most two exercises from each above-mentioned movement pattern, and form a routine of those exercises to perform 4-5 times a week. This guarantees that each movement pattern and muscle group is trained, which is the main objective of the usual upper body workout regime. It also ensures that the workout is of a rational time period and helps avoid superfluous (and potentially counterproductive) extra exercises from being added to the regime. And lastly, this helps us be sure that there is a proper balance around the joints because if there is no balance, it could lead to injury of joints. Hence, selection of upper body exercises in this manner and proper use of top 5 chest press machines by Livin3 massively lessen chances of that injury.

Putting the Exercises in Order:

Now that we have selected the exercises, we want to perform to get that desired upper body, the next step is to put these exercises in an order that is neither counterproductive, nor unsafe, but instead helps us get the most out of this hard-earned routine. Usually, the order of exercises depends entirely upon the person performing them but just in case, the general order of exercises is something like this:

  • Firstly, remember this rule: More demanding exercises should be performed before less demanding exercises.
  • This means that exercises for bigger muscles (such as shoulders) should come before exercises for smaller muscles (such as biceps or triceps).
  • Keep in mind that compound exercises (such as bench presses) should come before isolation exercises (such as dumbbell flyers).
  • And the most important point to remember is that free weight/body weight exercises (such as squats) should come before machines (such as leg presses).

Following a proper exercise order is crucial when it comes to working out because the wrong order could lead to counter-productivity or worse, injury to joints and muscles.

Choosing the Ideal Volume of Sets/Reps/Exercises:

The next and final step of creating a workout routine is to choose the number of sets and reps you are going to perform per exercise, per muscle group/movement pattern, and per workout period. This usually depends on the person who is performing the exercise routine. Just make sure you do not push yourself past your limits too much, we’d never want you to suffer an injury or worse. Hence, you’re done and good to go!

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